Morgan Freeman and Wavy Hands!

You walk in to a room. Bright lights slightly blind your vision, obstructing a calm figure sat silently on a chair, as 3 women run around quickly grabbing anything they can to seek his authoritative approval.

You carry on walking forward. People seem nice, they smile, wave and reassure you that this is absolutely normal.

That it’s perfectly usual for a 22 year old to be sat in his musty conservatory, in pyjamas, eating a Cheesestring on a Saturday, blissfully unaware that only 3 days later he’ll be walking towards an interview with Hollywood Royalty.

And then, ‘Hey Dan! That’s a nice British Accent you have there!’

This was because the new ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ movie is released on Sept. 19, so I flew over to Florida, to see where it was filmed and meet ONLY THE BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD STAR IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF THE PLANET AND EVERYTHING EVER.

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